The ‘70s Are Having a Moment

Nostalgia for the era is evident from coast to coast.

The calendar has only just tipped over into 2019, but it’s sure looking a lot like the 1970s. On the cusp of the 50-year anniversary of that decade, ‘70s nostalgia seems to be taking hold coast to coast.

In New York, not only is the Whitney Museum stirring up retro ‘70s pop-art interest with an Andy Warhol exhibit, but a new bar, The Factory 380, is carrying that vibe into its décor and menu.

“Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol's Factory and his Studio 54 days, we aim to bring you a fabulous and entertaining bar and restaurant where everyone can come together and enjoy New York for being New York,” the bar says on its website.

One Instagrammer described the evocative scene as an “Andy Warhol vibe with enough Steven Tyler and Michael Jackson energy to make you take your partying seriously.”

The gritty-NYC ‘70s theme carries over into the menu, overseen by executive chef Javier Alvarez, as well. In addition to dishes inspired by New York neighborhoods (China Town Dumplings, both pork and veg, and Coney Island Nuts), it includes that midcentury staple the TV dinner, only it has been given a modern upgrade featuring roasted Cornish hen with “arugula, salsa verde: capers, garlic, parsley, basil, tarragon, and sage.”

The bar’s signature cocktails are similarly Warhol-era themed, including 33 USW (gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, crème de cassis, soda), which is named for the Factory’s second location at 33 Union Square West.

Oh, and NY Eater reports that the bar/eatery will feature “a hidden speakeasy lounge … named after [Warhol muse] Edie Sedgwick.” (Intriguing!)

Meanwhile, across the country in Studio City, California, the original midcentury-modern house used for exterior shots on the classic 1970s TV show “The Brady Bunch,” is undergoing a renovation to recreate the interior we all know and love from the classic show about a lovely lady, a guy named Brady and their adorable blended family. The actors who played the Brady kids all gathered to kick off the reno.

(Fun fact: Because the show was shot on a set, none of the actors had ever before set foot inside the iconic house in which their characters lived – and while the house evoked the look of the set, it definitely was not the same … yet.)

HGTV, which snapped up the house when it recently came up for sale, will document the home’s turn-back-time transformation in a new series, shooting under the working title “A Very Brady Renovation” and set to air on HGTV in September 2019.

Looking forward to watching it with 33 USW and reimagined TV dinner in hand.

Photo courtesy of @grapenutter

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