The Stars Ring in the New Year — And Other Celebrity Food News

They partied like it's 2019.

Crystal glasses of wine on the background of Christmas lights


Crystal glasses of wine on the background of Christmas lights

Photo by: Chagin


Happy 2019! To kick off the new year, Chrissy Teigen and Ryan Seacrest enjoyed some healthier fare. Meanwhile, Ina and Jeffrey Garten shared a delectable dessert and Camila Mendes explored all the cuisine that South Korea has to offer. Keep reading to see all the celebrity news you may have missed this week.

Chrissy Teigen’s starting fresh.

After taking an umbrella to the eye on New Year’s Eve, Chrissy bounced back with a homecooked meal of chicken thighs and "good grains." Chrissy, are there any leftovers for us?

Celebrities, they’re definitely not like us.

Ryan Seacrest sipped a bowl of carrot-ginger-turmeric soup before hosting New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Meanwhile, we ate all the leftover holiday cookies we could find. Props for your commitment, Ryan!

How many plates are too many plates?

Camila Mendes enjoyed quite a bit of food during a trip to South Korea. We happen to think that’s the perfect number of dishes on a dinner table, thank-you-very-much.

Ran out of room in the cooler?

Don’t worry, Shania Twain has a backup plan. The singer popped her Champagne in the snow for a perfectly-chilled New Year’s Eve toast.

Oh, baby!

We already loved Mindy Kaling for her adorable style and hilarious humor, but we particularly enjoy her inspo-worthy baby food. Mindy, your quiche looks egg-ceptional!

What Jeffrey Garten wants, Jeffrey Garten gets.

Ina and Jeffrey celebrated the new year with a French Apple Tart, per Jeffrey’s request. We’d take that over Champagne any day.

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