Tom Hanks Treated a Bunch of Strangers to Burgers

He also gamely posed for selfies and chatted amiably during a stop at a California In-N-Out Burger.

Tom Hanks is known for his nice-guy onscreen persona. Judging from his behavior during a fast-food stop the other week, he may be every bit as nice off-screen as well.

When the actor and his wife, Rita Wilson, stopped by an In-N-Out Burger in Fontana, California, shortly before Christmas, he was apparently super approachable – patiently posing for selfies with the other burger-loving patrons.

“He is such a nice guy taking pictures with everyone,” wrote one Instagrammer lucky enough to be on the scene and snap a series of photos, including one of Hanks snapping a selfie with other customers. “He told us Merry Christmas … And I went over and talked to his wife Rita while Tom took pictures with everyone!”

“Look who visited Fontana In N Out! Woody himself, Tom Hanks,” another IN-N-Out customer exclaimed on the Oak Park Elementary Twitter feed, alongside a photo of Hanks taking a pic with an extremely delighted-looking group.

The movie star’s kindness didn’t stop there. “He bought lunch for everyone! Nice!” the Oak Park Elementary poster added.

Before he left, Hanks even made a point of paying for the meals of several cars in the drive-thru lane.

Someone captured a video of that moment. “Hi, Mr. Hanks! Thank you! Have a good Christmas!” a fan could be heard yelling to the actor, chicly clad in black shirt and slacks and sunglasses, yet wearing down-to-earth-looking brown shoes.

According to the Victorville Daily Press, Hanks is a known In-N-Out Burger fan, having extolled its virtues in past interviews.

“You have to say, ‘Give me a four-by-four animal style,’” Hanks once told Conan O’Brien during an appearance on his show, the local paper reports. “You have to speak a special language, if you know what I’m talking about.”

Not sure, but we do know a nice guy when we see one.

Photo courtesy of @bookcauldron13

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