Whisper to a Roar: Meghan Markle’s Viral Avocado Toast

An Instagram photo of the Duchess of Sussex’s tea table, posted by a pal who calls her the avocado toast whisperer, sparks a tempest in a teapot.

Meghan Markle may have to follow royal protocol and adjust her public persona to her Duchess of Sussex role, but in private, she’s apparently still doing some things her own way.

For proof, look to her tea table, as pictured in a recent Instagram post by her close pal and make-up artist Daniel Martin. In it, Martin shows rustic wooden table with an array of items seen from above: a pretty turquoise container of chocolate truffles (later identified in the British press as Fortnum & Mason’s Sandringham Coffee Truffles, a favorite of the Queen); a stoneware teapot and teacup (the latter, at least, containing tea); a fringed, earth-tone cotton tea towel; and, most notably, two slices of avocado toast, halved, perched upon pretty metallic plates.

“Back to our Tig days,” Martin captioned the photo, referring to Markle’s lifestyle website, which she shuttered in 2017, after she and Prince Harry started getting serious. “Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer, YUM!”

Martin’s post, which racked up more than 7,500 likes in just over a week, was seized upon as evidence of Markle’s continuing commitment to healthy home cooking; friendship; and her brand.

Certainly, the response to it attested to her marketplace power: The teapot and teacups pictured, from Soho Home, were reported, at one point, to have sold out, although the pot and at least one version of the teacups are in stock now. (Not this one, though.)

On the flip side, the Duchess’s enduring embrace of avocado toast was also derided, in the Daily Mail, as “fuelling human rights abuses, drought and murder.” (Wha?!)

The Mail Online also cast aspersions on Markle’s avocado toast, from an etiquette perspective.

“Smashed avocado on toast is not usually seen on tea menus, in hotels or private houses, so it is a somewhat unusual choice,” sniffed the tabloid’s ‘etiquette expert’ William Hanson. “Avocado is usually seen on breakfast or brunch menus; nowadays it is very much a morning food.”

Wow, seems like it was the avocado toast whisper heard ‘round the world.

Photo courtesy of @danielmartin

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