Would You Name Your Dog Waffles?

Apparently the latest trend sees people naming their pets after brunch food.



Toasted Waffle with blueberries.

Photo by: 4kodiak


If the names we give our dogs say a lot about our interests and priorities, and let’s just say they do, we are most definitely a culture of foodies. That’s one conclusion that may be drawn from a report on the most popular dog names of 2018, based on data on more than one million dogs, by Rover.com.

Five percent of all dog names are food related, according to the report.

Names evoking brunch items are especially hot, up 12 percent for 2018 over 2017, notes Rover, which bills itself as “the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers.” Popular (and cute) brunch-related names include Biscuit, Cinnamon, Muffin and Waffles.

Alcohol-related names, too, saw a marked uptick in popularity, rising 17 percent for 2018 over the previous year. Among the most frequently bestowed monikers: Whiskey, Porter, Guinness and Brandy.

[A suggestion for anyone planning to name a dog soon: How about combining the trends and naming your pooch “Mimosa”? Definitely better than “Bloody Mary.”]

Food-related names making the most rapid rise, meanwhile, are Couscous, Crisco, Cheetos, Pasta and Ramen.

Crisco? Really? So old school. But given that 81 percent of pet owners give their dogs nicknames, anyway, according to Rover, we’re guessing some of those Criscos are going by something like “Chris” or “Chrissie” (so human-y), anyway.

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