Coming Soon: Waffle, Falafel, Onion and Garlic Emoji

Photo by: Jessica Suworoff ©©2014 DRAFT Magazine, All Rights Reserved.

Jessica Suworoff, ©2014 DRAFT Magazine, All Rights Reserved.

The Unicode Consortium, overseers of all things emoji, has announced its final list of new emoji for 2019 – and it seems to have an eye toward inclusivity in that it features things like wheelchairs, mechanical limbs, probing canes, service dogs and hearing aids, as well as people of various genders and skin types holding hands. (All such great additions!)

The new release also has something in it for waffle lovers and falafel fans and for those who favor the flavor of garlic and onions.

Yes, there is much to celebrate in Unicode Emoji 12.0, which features 59 new emoji, with 171 variants for skintone and gender, making for a total of 230 new images you will soon be able to text to your friends on a variety of platforms. (Watch a video featuring all the emoji additions here.)

You can expect the new emoji to start to show up on your mobile device around September or October of 2019, although they may appear earlier on some platforms, according to Unicode.

Food nerds may be especially excited not only about the waffle (pictured plateless and with a pat of putter), falafel (which look a bit like potatoes, not to quibble), garlic bulb and white onion, but also about the stick of butter (on a plate, with two pats cut from the end), juicebox (er … sorry a “beverage box,” with straw and smiley-face label), oyster (with a pearl large enough to break a tooth on), mate drink and ice cube.

Recipe-swapping cooks may also be interested in using the new pinching hand emoji. Available in a variety of skin tones, it may be particularly useful when you want to tell someone to add just a little bit of salt or whatever.

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