Find Your Perfect Match with a Valentine’s Day Dating Game

Love is in the air — and it smells like dessert!

February is here and with it, a familiar feeling. One that fills your heart with desire and your mind with thoughts of sweet indulgence. No, not love (at least not exactly). It’s a feeling we like to call “craving dessert!”

If you’re looking for that special recipe, the one that will fill this February 14th with magical moments and happy memories, ask Alexa to talk to Food Network. Our new Date Your Dessert game lets you meet three eligible mystery contestants. Get to know them and then choose the one you like best. When you do, we’ll reveal your perfect match. Which tasty mystery recipe will you choose?

Ready to play? Here’s how.

Simply say, “Alexa, ask Food Network to play Date Your Dessert.”

Your smart speaker will introduce you to the first mystery contestant. Intrigued? Follow the prompts to learn more about this contestant with another question. If contestant #1 isn’t what you’re craving, you can move on to meet the next, eligible dessert.

After you’ve met the three contestants it’s time to consider all the delicious details – and make your choice! Ready for the big reveal? Answer, “Contestant #1”, “Contestant #2” or “Contestant #3” to meet the dessert of your dreams!

Want even more Food Network? Talk to us any time on your Amazon Echo- or Google Assistant- enabled device.

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