You Could Make a Whole Lotta Guac with This 6-Pound Avocado

Hawaiian farmer grows 6-pound, 11-ounce avocado — and gifts it to his neighbors.



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This is the story of what may be the world’s largest avocado, but more than anything it’s a story about friendship and kindness.

Dr. Joy McElroy, who works at the Urgent Care of Kona, in Hawaii, would like the world to know about her “friend and neighbor,” Kenji Fukumitsu, who grows avocados on his family farm.

For years, McElroy recently told Hawaii News Now, Fukumitsu has been bringing the clinic’s staff giant avocados. How giant? A recent batch included one that weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces.

(The avocado was 6 pounds, 12 ounces before the staff put it in the refrigerator to preserve it, which resulted in a 1-ounce loss, The Garden Island newspaper reports. McElroy told the paper that, over the years, Fukumitsu has brought them even larger avocados; she recalls one that weighed 7 or 8 pounds. For perspective, a typical California Hass avocado weighs about 6 ounces.)

“It’s the size of a baby,” she says in a video, cradling the 6 pound, 11 ounce fruit. “And he brings it just out of kindness.” In separate video, the doctor jokes that the avocado is so big, the staff “should dress it!”

McElroy says a bag or box of giant avocados shows up on the clinic’s doorstep – with a “big clunk” -- “every month or so.” Each time, the staff finds “at least 20, 30 avocados at least 6 pounds each – even bigger.” What’s more, she says, the massive avocados, a gift from Fukumitsu that the staff sometimes shares with patients, are “delicious.”

Fukumitsu maintains that he’s just trying to spread the bounty from his farm to friends before the pigs gobble them up, but he does modestly accept the compliment about flavor of his fruit.

“If you eat it during the November month, it’s very watery,” he tells Hawaii News Now. “But after that, it’s good.”

Recently, the staff decided to do a little research about the giant avocados and discovered that the ones Fukumitsu and his son were growing on a tree grafted by his older brother in 1942 were actually bigger and heavier than the official Guinness Book of World Record holder.

Guinness lists the current holder of the world record for the heaviest avocado as Felicidad Pasalo, of Hilo, Hawaii, who claimed the crown, previously held by a grower in Venezuela, with a 5 lb., 8 oz avocado in January 3, 2018.

McElroy says she and her coworkers contacted Guinness on Fukumitsu’s behalf, but were disappointed to learn that the authentication process would take 12 weeks.

“This baby isn’t going to last 12 weeks,” she told the news service, “so that’s why we called the news.”

Fukumitsu, for his part, doesn’t seem too interested in recognition, one way or the other.

“We didn’t think nothing of it,” he said of his impressive crop. “We just pick and eat it. And we sold some.”

As for why his tree produces such massive fruit, he said he had no idea.

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