Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower Featured an Insane Amount of Desserts

Meghan Markle’s baby shower in New York last week prompted speculation that she was having a girl. Or wait, no … a boy.


The important thing is that the expectant mother has clearly been having dessert.

The shower was reportedly held on Wednesday, February 20, in the vast and luxurious penthouse of the Mark hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, rented, for the occasion, by Markle’s pal Serena Williams, for around $75,000, according to Tatler. (Another shower will be held in the U.K. at a later date.)

The NYC shower was attended by Markle pals including Amal Clooney, stylist Jessica Mulroney, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, hairstylist Serge Mormant, publicist Celine Khavarani, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group chairman Bonnie Hammer (who was responsible for casting Markle on Suits), and actresses Abigail Spencer and Janina Gavankar. Close friends Markus Anderson, Lindsay Jordan, and college pals Genevieve Hillis (a co-host of the fete, according to and Lindsay Roth were also believed to be among the guests, as were Priyanka Chopra and Benita Litt.

Activities included a flower-arranging lesson (with the flowers donated afterward to Repeat Roses, an organization that delivers them to hospices, disease treatment centers and shelters) followed by what Vanity Fair termed a “dessert-tasting experience” held under the supervision of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who has a restaurant at the hotel.

Judging from photos and videos posted on Instagram, the dessert table featured pops shaped like storks carrying bundles, cookies shaped like bibs and bunny rabbits and baby rattles (and more storks), slices of carrot cake, a host of other cakes, and towers of macarons and treats galore.

Yum. Hope the Duchess of Sussex saved some for Prince Harry (who recently joked about whether the baby was his, the kidder). She saved the gifts to take back to London to open with him, Gayle King, apparently also in attendance, said on CBS This Morning.

Awww. That detail may be sweeter than all those adorable desserts put together.

Photo courtesy of @when_harry_met_meghan

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