Target Aims to Be Your Wine-Buying Destination

The mega-retailer has launched a new line of $9.99 premium wines.

Target may already be your go-to place for everything from school supplies to camping gear to underwear. Now it wants be the place you go for wine.

The retailer, which has previously waded into the wine category with a Wine Cube and, in September 2017, a line of budget-friendly $5 wines, is now aiming to hit the wine-sales bullseye with a new array of “premium wines” priced just a penny below 10 bucks, at $9.99.

Target is calling its new wine collection The Collection, which arguably makes up with simplicity and straightforwardness what it lacks in imagination and flair. Set for a March 3 launch date, the megastore wine line includes what Target says are “five perfectly balanced varietals.”

The Collection is sourced from a family-owned winery called Delicato Family Vineyards, which boasts of sustainability and environmental sensitivity. It also features colorful abstract designs on its bottle labels, created by Target’s in-house design team.

As for the wine itself, the line includes two reds, two whites and one rosé offering.

The company describes The Collection’s Cabernet Sauvignon as “dark and dense with black cherry and spice notes,” suggesting pairings with “BBQ ribeye steak” and “sautéed mushrooms.” Its Red Wine Blend, meanwhile, evokes the flavor of “mocha, caramel, blackberry and dark chocolate,” pairing well with “pork loin” and “smoky BBQ brisket.”

The tasting notes for The Collection’s rosé boast of “white summer flowers and red roses” that “give way to strawberries and watermelon.” Pairing guidance includes “light pasta,” “rice dishes” and “soft cheeses.”

The whites feature a Pinot Grigio summoning “honeysuckle, melon, white peach and nectarine” and complementing dishes like “chicken piccata,” “grilled halibut” and “pesto chicken,” according to Target. Alternately, a Chardonnay offers “aromas of freshly baked buttered biscuits and flavors of roasted marshmallow,” which seems like a lot to ask of a wine, and pairs well with “grilled shrimp,” “pasta with a light cream sauce” and “soft cheeses like brie.”

If The Collection doesn’t scratch your wine itch, Target is also expanding its California Roots line of wines to include a Sauvignon Blanc and introducing a sparkling white wine and sparkling rose to its Wine Cube offerings.

If need be, you can always stop off in housewares and pick up some wine glasses on the way out. All your drinking needs, one place.

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