Jennifer Garner’s Son Shares Her Spicy Sense of Humor— and Other Foodie Celeb News

Like mother, like pun.



Photo by: Foc Kan/Getty Images

Foc Kan/Getty Images

This week, stars like Sean Hayes and Katie Lee ensured that no carb was left uneaten. Plus, Jennifer Garner shared her son’s spice jar hijinks, DJ Khaled redefined "breakfast in bed" and Rob Lowe caught a lobster that might just need to be boiled in the bathtub. Keep reading to catch up on all the celebrity food news you may have missed. Happy Friday!

Keep calm and eat carbs.

Sean Hayes couldn’t keep his hands off a fresh loaf of challah. Sean, have you considered unwrapping the plastic first?

All the essentials.

Jennifer Garner was in for a surprise when she asked her 7-year-old son to label her spices! Jen says it best with her hashtag, "#thatswhatigetforwantingfunnykids."

He’s gonna need a bigger pot...

Rob Lowe showed off the massive lobster he planned to cook for dinner. Rob, we hope you bought a gallon of butter to go with it!

Breakfast in the sky.

DJ Khaled enjoyed breakfast in bed at 30,000 feet. We can’t lie — his breakfast looks pretty fly!

Pasta > everything.

Katie Lee says she could eat pasta every day for the rest of her life — and we agree. Did you see her recipe for Bucatini All’Amatriciana in this week’s episode of What Would Katie Eat?

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