Kim Kardashian Is As Obsessed with Ice Cream As You Are

She just took to Twitter to reveal her new favorite flavor — and it’s kind of a double dip.



Photo by: Emma McIntyre

Emma McIntyre

Kim Kardashian is known to be a fan of ice cream. (If you haven’t been keeping up with Kardashian’s ice cream consumption, see here, here and here.) Just how big a fan of it she is, however, may never have been quite as clear as it was last Friday, when the reality TV and social media star took to Twitter to reveal her new favorite flavor – and then some.

"So you know Oreos are my favorite thing ever and Oreo shakes. Well Breyers just came out w Oreo ice cream w chocolate chip cookies in it and OMG It’s probably my favorite ice cream ever," Kardashian wrote, adding, "#NotAnAd just real life. Huge chunks or Oreos and Choc Chip Cookies."

Apparently Kanye’s missus was referring to Breyers Oreo & Chips Ahoy! 2in1 ice cream, which swirls together vanilla ice cream studded with Oreo cookies and caramel ice cream loaded with Chips Ahoy cookies. Not for the ice cream — or cookie — fainthearted.

Perhaps in the grip of a major sugar high, Kardashian soon followed up with a question. "What’s your favorite ice cream?" she asked the Twittersphere, and 5,600 answers — and counting — rolled in: everything from Cookies and Cream, Birthday Cake and Mint Chocolate Chip to Rum Raisin, Pistachio and Dulce de Leche.

And still Kardashian had more to share on the subject of frozen dairy desserts. "Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in the regular vanilla are so bomb OMG! Those could be my fave. And feel healthy," she wrote.

Later she added, in response to a query about her admiration for Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche, "Hmmmm can’t forget about my Haagen Dazs..."

Wow, is there any ice cream dessert Kardashian is not a fan of? Why, yes. Yes, there is.

In response to one Twitter user’s suggestion that a red velvet cupcake and ice cream combination is "ultimate," Kardashian left no doubt as to her position on the matter: "I hate red velvet," she wrote.

Now we all know what not to get her for her birthday.

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