What’s the Most-Popular Halloween Candy in Your State?

The answer may surprise you. (Looking at you, Nebraska, Washington and Wyoming!)



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Dressing in costumes and carving pumpkins are fun, but for many of us, Halloween is all about the candy. Of the 172 million Americans who celebrate the October 31 holiday each year, 95 percent will buy candy, spending about $25 on average, according to online bulk candy retailer and distributor CandyStore.com. But the kind of candy we’re most likely to purchase to share with trick-or-treaters (or... um... OK, scarf down ourselves) differs from state to state.

Analyzing 12 years of nationwide pre-Halloween sales data (from 2007 to 2018) from its own site and other candy makers and distributors, CandyStore.com has generated its annual report on the most popular Halloween candy in each state, complete with a cool interactive map. The results aren’t always what you’d expect.

For instance, residents of Nebraska, Washington and Wyoming buy more Salt Water Taffy than any other candy for Halloween, according to this year’s report. In 2017, the last time we reported on CandyStore.com’s findings, Salt Water Taffy didn’t even figure into the mix. (And honestly, Nebraska, Washington and Wyoming? Really? Salt Water Taffy?)

In the latest results, Arizona, Indiana, New York and Virginia all have the hots for Hot Tamales. Skittles are the preferred Halloween-bag candy in states as diverse as Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota and South Carolina. And Alaska, Colorado and Rhode Island are united in their love for Twix.

Alabama and Pennsylvania are big into Hershey’s Mini Bars, while Connecticut and Missouri like Milky Ways best, and Candy Corn reigns supreme in Iowa and Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico and Nevada. Ohio and Vermont share a love for M&M’s, Montana and Oklahoma a regard for Double Bubble Gum, and DC, New Jersey and Tennessee a passion for Tootsie Pops.

Georgia and Utah, meanwhile, definitely believe Jolly Ranchers don’t suck. In Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas, Reese’s Cups are the top Halloween candy choice. Michigan, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Wisconsin can’t get enough of Starbursts.

And then there are the states that stand alone in their preferences: West Virginia for Blow Pops, Massachusetts for Butterfingers, Illinois for Kit Kats, Louisiana for Lemonheads, Maine for Sour Patch Kids, Missouri for Snickers and Kentucky for Swedish Fish. Who can say why? (You can find a complete list of the first, second and third most popular candies in each state here.)

Overall, though, the most popular Halloween candies in America are as follows, according to CandyStore.com:

1. Skittles

2. Reese’s Cups

3. M&M’s

4. Snickers

5. Starbursts

6. Candy Corn

7. Hot Tamales

8. Tootsie Pops

9. Sour Patch Kids

10. Hershey’s

The site also shared this intriguing finding: "In Oregon, full-sized candy bars are the norm for trick-or-treaters to receive." Now we know why so many people have been moving to Portland...

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