McDonald’s Has Entered the Chicken-Sandwich Wars

The chain is testing two new chicken sandwiches in Houston and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Look out, Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. McDonald’s appears to be launching itself smack-dab into the middle of this year’s much-ballyhooed Chicken-Sandwich Wars.

"Houston. Knoxville. Lunch tomorrow? No beef," the burger chain tweeted on December 1, along with a picture of a sandwich bag decorated with a chicken, the number 12/2, the names of the two cities mentioned in the captions, and the golden arches logo. It punctuated its messag ewith two emoji: a chicken head and a winky face.

What could this mean? Or, as one commenter put it in response to Mickey D’s mysterious post: “Whaaat????”

Mercifully McDonald’s was fairly quick to clarify that it was testing two new chicken sandwiches, which it promised were “delicious”: “The Crispy Sandwich is simply topped with butter and crinkle cut dill pickles while the Deluxe is topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo,” it elaborated on Twitter. “Both served on a tasty buttery potato roll.”

Both sandwiches are being tested in Houston and Knoxville, Tennessee, through January 26, 2020 – and could roll out more widely thereafter, according to industry website Nation’s Restaurant News.

“We certainly meant no beef when we hinted at a new menu item arriving in some of our restaurants,” the company said in a December 2 statement. “It’s true, we’re testing two new chicken sandwiches at participating restaurants .... Houston and Knoxville are getting a sneak peek. Everyone else should stay tuned for what’s to come in 2020."

Early reviews on Twitter were mixed.

“As far as taste, it was an average sandwich,” one unimpressed Knoxville diner wrote. “Unfortunately, I'm going to stick with your competitors. Good luck and hope the kinks get worked out.”

A Houston chicken fan had a more favorable response. “Mmmm. Chicken! Found it on the menu here in Houston,” he tweeted.“The mayo and lettuce perfectly accentuates the well seasoned chicken. The taste is great although a spicy version would have been even better. I’d go for another one.”

Sounds like the Great Chicken-Sandwich Wars of 2019 may get even more heated in 2020. Long may they McRage!

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