Take That Brand-New Instant Pot for a Spin With This Perfect Weeknight Dinner

We've unlocked this live class on the Food Network Kitchen app this Sunday! Join us to learn all about the Instant Pot and make a winning chicken dinner.

December 27, 2019

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Are you the proud owner of a spiffy new Instant Pot this holiday season? Well we've got a great idea for thanking the person that gave it to you — make them dinner! We promise it'll come out perfectly — and not just because there's no reason to be skittish around an electric pressure cooker. If you sign on to the Food Network Kitchen app this Sunday, you'll have another trick up your sleeve; culinary producer Dana Beninati is teaching a class featuring our Instant Pot Greek Chicken Bowls, so you can cook along with her, and totally nail your first IP meal.

We've unlocked Dana's live class (so yes, that's right, it's FREE!) to give you sneak peek into what our new Food Network Kitchen live classes are all about. If you buy your ingredients before the class, you'll be ready to make the meal right alongside Dana, and she'll walk you through all her Instant Pot tips so you can cook with confidence. Have a question during class? Submit via the app and Dana and our culinary experts will be on hand to answer it! See, we told you there's no way you're going to mess up this dish. 😀

Food Network Kitchen’s Instant Pot Souvlaki Chicken Bowls

Food Network Kitchen’s Instant Pot Souvlaki Chicken Bowls

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

These chicken bowls are packed with bright, Meditteranean flavors — a welcome respite from all the holiday cookies and heavy main dishes you might have been eating over the past few days. So come make it with us this Sunday December 29, 2019 at 6 p.m. EST! If you haven't downloaded the Food Network Kitchen app yet, get the scoop here.

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