Jessica Chastain Making a Birthday Cake for Her Husband Is Downright Adorable

'I have never made a cake,' she admits, which explains all those cute rookie mistakes.

Is Jessica Chastain vying for her own cooking (or … whatever … baking) show? On the plus side, there’s evidence that it would be highly entertaining. (And OMG – that gorgeous kitchen.) In the negative column, though, she would probably learn to cook (or … whatever … bake) first.

The award-winning actress recently posted a video on Instagram in which she documented her attempt to make a birthday cake for her husband (or “sweetheart,” as she calls him), fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.

“We are making a banana cake,” Chastain announces in the video, brandishing a box mix and admitting, with a laugh, "I have never made a cake."

That last fact becomes pretty darn clear as the camera catches Chastain making a series of rookie mistakes: lifting the hand mixer out of the bowl so batter splatters all over, anxiously dropping kitchen tools and generally making hilarious nuisance of herself.

“The only thing that’s making me a little nervous is that it’s very thin,” Chastain says, gazing thoughtfully into the oven at her cake as it bakes. “It’s like a big cookie. But it’s from the heart. That’s all that matters, right?”

Of course. Yes. Sure. However ….

Unable to ascertain whether her cake is done after checking it with a toothpick and then a knife, the red-headed celeb puts it back into the oven. And then, she does it again.

“It says, ‘Cake is done when toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean,’” she reads from the mix box. “It’s never come out clean.”

Eventually, the cake comes out … hard as a rock. (We know because it makes a clanking noise when Chastain taps it with the blade of a knife.)

“I’m not sure that’s a soft, moist cake,” she muses.

Maybe frosting will help? Or maybe not. As Chastain smears on the chocolate frosting, she observes, “It looks disgusting.”

Nevertheless, she sallies forth, topping it with sliced bananas and “Happy Birthday” candles and presenting it – “Ta-Da!” – to her uncertain looking birthday guy.

“Wow!” he says.

“Wow!” she echoes.

End of story? Well, yes, but Chastain offers us a post script, via the video’s caption: “In case you were wondering... it tasted great because it was made with love ❤”

Awww. Too cute!

Photo: GettyImages

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