Cheetos Eggs Double Cheddar Puffs Are Set to Invade Your Easter Basket

Easter basket contents often veer toward the sweet, gooey and chocolaty, but who’s to say salty, crunchy and cheese-dusty don’t have their place amidst the fake grass and pull-apart plastic eggs?

Not Frito-Lay, apparently. The snack company has reportedly quietly released Cheetos in the shape of eggs – Cheetos Eggs Double Cheddar Puffed Snacks – onto the shelves of retail establishments including Target and, according to social media, Dollar General and Wegmans.

“These fun egg-shaped snacks are perfect for springtime snacking,” the Target product page boasts. “Made with real cheese -- they're finger lickin' good.”

Touted to combine a “bold, cheesy flavor” with a “light and airy texture,” the snacks, which come in a 2.625 oz package, are basically oval Cheetos with two curved Cheeto lines inside, giving them the appearance of decorated eggs.

They’re actually the same shape as the seasonal Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Flavored Puffs introduced by the brand a couple of years back. In fact, one Instagrammer recommends combining the two “for a Chicago Mix vibe that works surprisingly well.”


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