Costco Is Selling Terrifyingly Huge Lobster Claws

And photos of them are making an appropriately giant stir on Instagram.

If you’re into purchasing things in modest sizes, Costco is definitely not your place. The members-only wholesale chain is all about go big or go home. Toilet paper and paper towels come in packages the size of ottomans. Seltzer is sold not by the bottle, but the flat. Good luck finding room in your freezer for both your Costco-purchased giant bag of fish sticks and cumbersome triple-box of frozen pizzas. You get the idea.

But who knew Costco’s super-size mentality extended to lobster?

Well, thanks to social media, we know it now. California Costco shoppers have been posting photos on Instagram revealing lobster claws so massive, they look like something out of a horror movie (and also probably delicious).

“Ginormous ‘3 lb’ LOBSTER CLAW !!!... Have you EVER ?!... This thing is unreal !” Newport Beach, California, food Instagrammer @julesfood captioned an image of a seriously whopping claw. “I mean, come on. I’ve seen a few big claws at Costco before, but this one’s crazy ! We just had to get it. It might be 1/2 it’s weight in shell, but worth it already. The family’s had their photo ops, now it’s going on the grill. I can’t promise an inside pic, they’re too anxious to eat this monster claw. I hope we have enough butter ?!...”

Shoulda picked up a giant container of butter at the Costco, Jules.

Another Instagrammer, @wine_country_foodies, posted a couple of images of the lobster claws in their packaging at Costco, including a photo of them dwarfing her hand, for perspective.

“OMG! Costco has THE BIGGEST #Lobsterclaw we have ever seen!” she wrote. “Makes me wonder how big the tail is?”

Terrifying thought.

The claws are apparently prompting some people to veer off their usual course.

“This is the ‘ish’ part of … being a vegan,” Instagrammer @jp.damante confessed alongside an image in which he smiles like the cat who ate the … giant lobster claw. (Clicking through, it looks like he bought two!)

And Instagrammer @daisy_lovingbigapple posed with a couple of claws in a San Francisco Bay Area Costco store, writing, “This lobster can eat me.”

Not if you eat them first, daisy. Not if you eat them first.

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