Dunkin’ Is Bringing Back This Popular St. Paddy’s Day Drink

Its Irish Crème-flavored beverages are once again coming to stores.

2019 Q1 (March) POS element mechanical background image: Mini DTE - Irish Creme flavored Iced Coffee (hero angle), in branded plastic cup - green background

2019 Q1 (March) POS element mechanical background image: Mini DTE - Irish Creme flavored Iced Coffee (hero angle), in branded plastic cup - green background

Photo by: Clint Blowers

Clint Blowers

March is a lucky month for those who remember fondly Irish Creme-flavored coffee and espresso drinks at Dunkin.’ The coffee and donut chain is bringing the drinks back as a St. Patrick’s Day gift for their fans.

Dunkin’ announced this week that its Irish Creme-flavored beverages would return to menus at participating Dunkin’ locations nationwide in March. The flavor, originally introduced in 2012, was dropped amid an outcry in 2015, not to be seen again -- until now.

“The smooth, velvety Irish Creme flavor will be available in Dunkin’ Hot and Iced Coffees and Frozen Coffee -- as well as the brand’s lineup of handcrafted espresso drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, macchiatos and more – giving coffee lovers everywhere a reason to celebrate every day of March as if it was St. Patrick’s Day,” the company said in a press release, noting that Irish Creme had been “one of the most wished-for coffee flavors by the brand’s fans.”

Throughout March, Dunkin’ is also offering customers medium-size iced coffee drinks for $2 daily between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. as a special way for customers to “save a little green.” (Pinch me.)

And in honor of Mardi Gras as well, the donut destination has introduced, at locations nationwide, a special limited-time-only doughnut for the month of March: The square-shaped Mint Brownie Donut features a “mint brownie batter filling, light green colored icing and crumbled brownie topping.”

“March can be a long, cold month, but St. Patrick’s Day and the end of Mardi Gras bring opportunities for pure joy,” Tony Weisman, the chief marketing officer of Dunkin’ U.S., said in a statement. “With the return of Irish Creme and the addition of our Mint Brownie Donut, we’re making the spirit of celebration last all month long.”

On social media, fans seemed pleased to see the flavor return.

“it’s back!!!! Oh thank heavens!” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“My FAVORITE!” exclaimed another.

Photo courtesy of Dunkin'

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