Guess What Odwalla’s New Smoothie-Kombucha Mashup Is Called?

Yes, Smoobucha. It's part of an effort to take kombucha mainstream.

Kombucha is touted for its health benefits, but not everyone likes the flavor. (That’s me raising my hand and wrinkling my nose.) Odwalla wants to help. The Coca-Cola-owned juice brand has just launched a new line of kombucha/smoothie hybrid drinks it’s calling Smoobucha.

The new line of bottled beverages, which became available at U.S. stores this week, retailing for $2.99 per 15.2-ounce bottle, promises to blend “the great taste and texture of fruit smoothies with the boldness of pasteurized kombucha.” It’s debuting in three flavors: Citrus & Guava, Berry & Ginger, and Apple & Greens.

Despite the fruity flavors and cutesy product name, Odwalla is positioning Smoobucha a functional beverage that offers “500 million colony-forming units of ‘good’ bacteria” and fiber to “support digestive health” as well as “100% daily value of antioxidant Vitamin C.” It’s also said to be lower in sugar and calories than traditional smoothies.

Smoobucha is part of an effort to bring “trends from the fringe to the mainstream health and wellness shopper,” Odwalla brand director Sara Smith said in an announcement.

“Kombucha is growing 40 percent year over year, but can be polarizing because of its vinegary, tart taste,” she said. “We saw this as the perfect opportunity for Odwalla to create a bridge for people who have been either intimidated to try kombucha or turned off by its taste.”

Will we all soon be drinking Smoobucha? Perhaps. And perhaps they should have called it Komboothie...

Photo courtesy of Odwalla

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