IKEA Has Introduced a DIY Chocolate Easter Bunny

It may be the most rewarding flat-pack product the furniture mecca has ever made.

Photo by: Niklas Carlsson / Imagery by Car

Niklas Carlsson / Imagery by Car

Generally speaking, putting together something from IKEA is not exactly a treat. (Yeah, that may be putting it mildly.) But the DIY furniture superstore has released a new flat-pack product – just in time for Easter – that is actually literally a treat.

In fact, IKEA’s new VÅRKÄNSLA [VARKANSLA] may be the Besta (see what I did there, IKEA stalwarts?) antidote to all your Hemnes-assembly-induced headaches: a chocolate bunny you assemble yourself.

Sure, the assemble-yourself part sounds dangerous, but you probably won’t need to ask your partner to lend a hand or holler for help from TaskRabbit with this one.

Photo by: Niklas Carlsson / Imagery by Car

Niklas Carlsson / Imagery by Car

The self-assembly milk-chocolate bunny – which is available in stores while supplies last -- is only three pieces, and it’s not difficult to ascertain how they fit together … or, for that matter, how they fit into your mouth.

The IKEA website promises that the DIY 3-ounce milk chocolate bunny, priced at $4.29, “can be used as Easter decoration. Or be eaten straight away!”

It contains a minimum of 30-percent cocoa that is UTZ certified, a designation that “ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers,” according to IKEA.

And if you eat it while you put together your new Billy bookcase, you’ll be ensured better working conditions, too. Because chocolate is the cure for hard-to-grasp directions – as it is for pretty much everything.

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