Jimmy Fallon’s Gone Avo-Crazy — And Other Celebrity News

You could say he has a lot on his plate.

This week, the comedian found himself facing a breakfast dilemma. In other news, Chrissy Teigen fed her son spaghetti for the first time and the photos are legendary (see what we did there?). Also, Molly Yeh has a (long) list of pregnancy cravings, Jennifer Garner suffered a baking mishap and Rebecca Romijn’s cat got up to some trouble. Keep reading to see all the news you may have missed. Happy Friday!

Miles Stephens hit a major milestone.

The adorable son of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen ate spaghetti for the first time, with Chrissy referencing Eminem in the photo caption. His palms weren’t sweaty, his knees weren’t weak and his arms weren’t heavy, but Miles certainly seemed to enjoy mom’s spaghetti!

Toast > sneakers.

Jimmy Fallon grabbed a pair of Saucony’s trendy sneakers, inspired by none other than avocado toast. Jimmy, we really hope you went for the toast first!

Even cats love fondue.

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell celebrated “Fondue Friday” with their kids — and their cat! Judging by the empty plates, their dinner was purr-fect.

Doughnuts are better than pots of gold.

Molly Yeh made the cutest rainbow cake to celebrate the weekend. What did she wish for at the end of her rainbow? Doughnuts, cakes and milkshakes! We happen to think that’s a very reasonable request.

We spy with our little pie…

Kelly Ripa celebrated Pi Day with two tiny apple pies. We’d choose those over math any day.

Jennifer Garner had a run-in with some (good)fellas.

The actress made cinnamon bread men, but they exploded in the oven! Jen, don’t be too hard on yourself — it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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