Lea Michele’s Wedding Cake Was Super Simple

But she and her groom sure didn’t stint on the Italian-themed desserts.

Lea Michele, of “Glee” fame, has been posting photos from her honeymoon – somewhere beachy and tropical -- on Instagram, and she definitely looks happy and matrimonially glowing.

Judging from the snapshots she has shared in which she is rocking a red bikini, she also looks as if she refrained from overindulging in the generous array of desserts she and her husband, Zandy Reich, served at their March 9 wedding (officiated by “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy) – although I would argue that there is no such thing as overindulging in dessert at your own wedding.

(Fun fact: Michele and Reich -- who is not in the entertainment business, but rather runs a clothing line – actually first met at the wedding of close friends and hired the band whose music set the mood at that wedding for their own.)

Anyway, about those desserts.

For starters, the wedding cake (vanilla with raspberry filling) was a distinctly low-key: just two simple tiers frosted in smooth white buttercream and decorated with a trio of white flowers and a few feathery wisps of greenery, resting on a box stand covered with vintage sheet music and surrounded with glowing white pillar and votive candles.

But the couple compensated for the simplicity of the cake by going whole hog on supplemental dessert offerings, People reports.

“We have a cake that we will be cutting, but we are not big dessert people,” Michele told People before the wedding, which was held at Carneros resort in Napa. “We have to consider all of our guests, so I’m having an Italian-themed dessert … cannoli and mini tiramisus and Italian cookies.”

Because her family origins are in Tuscany, she said, “connecting that part of my heritage into the food was important.”

The Tuscan-Italian theme held throughout the celebration, with long tables topped with fresh bread and olive oil, pasta (including spaghetti and meatballs) and arugula salad with shaved parmesan and other dishes (including vegan options, for the bride) served family style, and lots of red wine.

You can look at photos of the couple’s wedding on Michele’s Insta.

“I want people to be full,” Michele told People.

The bride and groom each had their own signature cocktail – vodka martini for her, a Manhattan for him -- but the latter was served with a wink toward Reich’s Philadelphia origins. Speaking of which, the festive food also featured late-night snacks – including Philly Cheese Steaks.

Judging from those honeymoon photos of the actress, she probably didn’t eat too many of those, either.

Photo courtesy of @leamichele

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