Lesson from a Taco Bell Hot Sauce Survival Story

Oregon man credits Taco Bell Fire hot sauce packets with saving his life during a five-day snowstorm emergency.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 18:  A view of Taco Bell  located at 321 1st Ave. in Manhattan.  (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Taco Bell)


NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 18: A view of Taco Bell located at 321 1st Ave. in Manhattan. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

Photo by: Dave Kotinsky

Dave Kotinsky

Been on a decluttering tear of late? You may want to stop short of tossing those fast-food condiment packets that have piled up in your car like drifts of snow in a sudden Oregon blizzard.

If you happen to get stuck on a remote Pacific Northwest road in a winter storm and stranded for days with no food or clear path to safety, it’s a pretty sure bet those packets will spark some pretty serious joy.

That’s one important takeaway from the story of Jeremy Taylor, a 36-year-old Oregon man, whose car got stuck in a storm for five days, with only his dog, Ally, for company and packets of Taco Bell Fire hot sauce for sustenance, before he was discovered by snowmobilers and rescued by the local sheriff’s office.

Taylor -- who initially tried to find his way to safety, only to retreat back to his car to wait for help, staying warm by cuddling up to his dog and periodically running the motor -- credits those hot sauce packets for his survival. Although the packets of sauce contain zero calories, they definitely spiced up his wait. (No, he didn’t have to share them with Ally, he also had a little bit of dog food in the car, he subsequently told ABC News.)

“Taco bell fire sauce saves lives,” Taylor wrote on his Facebook page following his rescue, noting that both he and Ally were “safe” and “lucky.”

As you may imagine, Taylor’s post generated an outpouring of both support and, um, whatever the opposite of support is.

But one commenter definitely got the moral of the story, writing, “Jeremy, I don’t know you, but you just made me feel SO much better about the stray packets of sauces that end up in my car!! Even in central Ohio- cars run off of roads in snowstorms. … Please enjoy a long and healthy life.”

In addition to a long and healthy life, Taylor can also look forward to enjoying a lot more Taco Bell food and condiments.

A rep for the fast-food chain told several news outlets that it had been in touch with Taylor and was sending him a care package, in addition to a full year of free food at Taco Bell, as well as, yes, “all the Fire Sauce that comes along with it."

That will make it easier to replenish his emergency supply.

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