Now There’s a Candle That Smells Like a McDonald’s Cheeseburger

"What a time to be alive," declared one appreciative purchaser.



London, England - January 1, 2013: McDonald's Fast Food Meal in Brown Paper Bag

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Remember the KFC candle that promised to send the aroma of fried chicken wafting throughout your home with nary a bucket or a deep fryer in sight?

Now there’s another fast-food-scented candle available: one that promises to release the smell of McDonald’s cheeseburgers into your abode, where it will presumably stick around, infusing all your worldly possessions (and perhaps your very soul) with its meaty-oniony-cheesy smell for quite some time.

If you’re saying to yourself, who would buy that? The answer is … apparently a lot of people.

The Maccas Run candle, priced at $29.95 AUD ($21.24 USD), has sold out on the Australian novelty-shopping site Grey Lines, but the company has said it plans to re-stock the aromatic candle in a few weeks. (Grey Lines offers several other food-themed candles, including a Garlic Bread scented candle and one that’s supposed to smell like spicy, fried Mi Goreng Noodles).

The McD’s-cheeseburger-scented candle promises a 30-hour burn time, Metro U.K. reports. And, yes, it apparently does smell like a McDonald’s cheeseburger, according social media postings from those who got their hands on one before the last batch sold out.

“It's scary how accurate some of these things can be, what a time to be alive,” one lucky and appreciative purchaser postedon Instagram.

“When cheeseburgers are life. If I can’t eat them, might as well smell them,” wrote another, adding, “Smells so good.”

In fact, smelling cheeseburgers may actually be better than eating them because you don’t have to deal with the subsequent remorse.

“So I may have purchased a candle from @greylinesau and I regret nothing,” a defiant — not to say defensive — candle buyer wrote before admitting, “I do feel like an actual cheese burger now though!”

Don’t say you weren’t warned …

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