Oat Milk Is Having a Moment

Touted for its neutrality and creaminess, the non-dairy milk alternative is making its way into lattes and supermarket freezers.



So Delicious Oatmilk Frozen Desserts

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Shove over, almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk and other non-milk “milks.” Oat milk is definitely having a moment.

Starbucks just announced that it is offering oat milk as a new non-dairy milk alternative at its fancy Reserve locations, hailing its new option’s “smooth and neutral flavor” and “creamy and velvety texture.” Although oat milk has been available for Starbucks customers’ coffee, cappuccino- and latte-drinking pleasure in Europe since January 2018, this marks the first time the coffee chain has introduced oat milk at any of its U.S. locales.

So there’s that. And also, the first nationally available oat-milk ice cream – er, frozen non-dairy dessert – has now made its way to your grocery-store freezer case.

So Delicious has added a line of oat-milk-based frozen desserts ($5.49 a pint) to its already extensive line of non-dairy frozen desserts. So if its ice cream alternatives made with soy, almond, cashew or coconut milk are somehow not enough for you, you can enjoy its three new oat-milk flavors: Caramel Apple Crumble (“Apple, cinnamon and brown sugar combine with a caramel swirl”), Oatmeal Cookie (“Chewy oatmeal cookie dough with sweet brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon”) and Peanut Butter and Raspberry (“Smooth peanut butter and juicy black raspberries“). All three are dairy-free, certified vegan and gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

"Oat milk's creamy texture and neutral taste really allow the flavors to shine through,” Jennifer Michuda, senior brand manager for So Delicious, said in a statement. “The new line of frozen desserts brings oat milk out of the beverage aisle and into a new category of dairy-free delights … available across the country."

The new oat milk frozen-dessert line is getting a warm reception on social media – with fans already advocating for additional new flavors.

“Can we get strawberries and cream … please?? Aaaand Dulce De Leche(caramel)???” pleaded one Instagrammer.

“So so good. It’s hard to put a pint down. Please make more oat milk flavors!!!” requested another.

Way to milk the moment, oat-milk fans.

Photo courtesy of So Delicious

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