Reese Witherspoon’s Birthday Cake(s) Are Pure Sunshine

Hello Sunshine indeed.

When Reese Witherspoon celebrated her 43rd birthday on March 22, she apparently had on hand a cake that was, well, about the sunniest, most adorable, springlike cake you can imagine.

“I was so honored when @reesewitherspoon asked me to make her birthday cake!!” Los Angeles baker John Kanell, who blogs under the name Preppy Kitchen, posted on Instagram a few days after the joyful occasion. “Last week I delivered her this confetti cake with hand painted butterflies dancing around a flowery meadow 🦋🌷🦋. Happy birthday Reese!”

It’s hard to imagine, after seeing the image of the cake Kanell posted alongside that message, that Reese’s birthday could be anything other than happy.

Against a frosted background that could be either crisp white or pale blue (hard to tell from the photo), a lush green field of textured frosted grass is punctuated by highly detailed pink-icing flowers with chipper yellow centers. Further up the cake, the field of flowers gives way to tiny whimsical purple and yellow butterflies perched hither and yon, looking ready to take off and flutter around the room.

“So dainty and so cute,” wrote one commenter.

“This is the cutest cake of alll time!” another chimed in.

“So amazing… And those tiny little cute flowers and butterflies , just wow! In love,” gushed a third.

But wait – is it possible that Witherspoon had a second cake, too?

The actress, producer, entrepreneur, mother and cherished friend of many posted a birthday image of her own, in which she appeared smiling in shades and a floral dress next to a simple white frosted cake, flanked by a fresh-plucked orange, on a cake stand – a clutch of white flowers nearby.

“For my birthday I just want all the cake, all the flowers and all the candy... is that too much to ask?!” she wrote.

Nope, not too much at all.

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