These Are Not Your Everyday Easter Eggs

These creative Easter eggs are intriguing variations on the traditional chocolate theme.

Nothing wrong with an Easter basket that contains the same-old, same-old. Hard to improve on chocolate, especially when it's in the shape of a cute bunny or a giant egg.

But establishments in the U.K. are offering Easter eggs that push the boundaries of convention – and it's hard to not be, at the very least, intrigued by these unusual versions of the traditional treats.

A Prosecco Egg: The British department store Marks & Spencer is offering a bright-pink swirly Prosecco-and-berry-flavor Easter egg called the “Proseggo Egg.” Sounds fancy, but it actually costs a modest £5 ($6.60). “We've infused luxury milk chocolate with raspberry, blackcurrant and Prosecco for a delicate flavor with floral notes,” M&S Easter Egg Developer Katy Patino, who took more than a year perfecting the egg, told Metro U.K. M&S's Instagram page boasts that the Proseggo is “perfect for not-so-little ones wishing to indulge this Easter.” Sounds about right.

An Avocado Egg: Waitrose & Partners, a British supermarket chain, is bringing back, for a second year, a Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter egg that was a major hit last year – the fastest-selling Easter egg in the store's 114-year history.”With its smooth Belgian chocolate shell, white chocolate 'flesh' (made green with natural coloring), and chunky cocoa-dusted chocolate 'stone', it's easy to see why this fun, avocado-inspired Easter egg was a hit,” the chain notes on its website. “And while it looks like a giant avocado, that's where the similarities end – it's all chocolate here!” The 250-gram egg is also relatively affordable, retailing for £8 ($10.56) – so don't try to blame it for millennials not being able to afford houses.

A Milkshake Egg: Little Dessert Shop, a British dessert chain, has debuted a milkshake Easter egg. The malt-chocolate shake comes in a giant Maltesers chocolate egg and is topped with crushed Maltesers candy, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, Metro U.K. reports. That chocolate-lovers' dream costs £4.65 ($6.14) and, yes, you drink it from the egg through a straw.

All three of these eggs seem worth toasting (Prosecco and Avocado puns kind of intended), but there are also other strange U.K.-generated eggs to consider: a Game of Thrones-inspired Easter egg, a Milk Chocolate Unicorn Studded Easter Eggand a Cheesalicious Easter Egg made entirely from cheese – not to mention an intricate, lustrous, laser-carved chocolate birdcage egg being sold by the grocery chain Aldi.

Each and every one of these seems well worth the hunt.

Photo courtesy of @waitroseandpartners

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