The Internet Is Outraged Over Bread-Sliced Bagels

Welcome to #bagelgate.

Well folks, buckle up. The next great food debate is here. Already known as #bagelgate, the Internet can't stop talking about a photo of bagels sliced into thin, vertically-cut pieces.

The controversy started after Alek Krautmann, a St. Louis native, posted a pic of his bread-sliced bagels on Twitter, and commented that the slicing method was a “St Louis secret.” Furthermore, Krautmann wrote that the bagels were “a hit!”

We’ll see about that. Though the bagels may have been popular with his coworkers, the same can’t be said for the rest of Twitter. In fact, it’s safe to say that reactions are split (see what we did there?)

At first, the replies seemed angry.

Those from New York and New Jersey appeared particularly outraged.

However, there were some in support of Krautmann’s unconventional bagels.

A few were surprised that there was even a controversy to begin with.

And, of course, we can't forget the memes.

Around our office, the replies are equally divisive. One of our editors said the bagels are “insane,” while another simply said, “blasphemy.” Personally, I don’t hate it. As someone who’s around a lot of office snacks, I appreciate the smaller, portion-controlled slices. Plus, a smaller piece equals a larger ratio of cream cheese to bagel — and really, what’s wrong with that?

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