Burger King Pushes the Boundaries of What’s Impossible

The fast-food chain is testing a new plant-based Impossible Whopper.

Often on April Fools’ Day we are tricked into believing that the impossible is possible. (Why isn’t the McPickle Burger a real thing, McDonald’s? Why?!) But to mark April 1 this year, Burger King turned the tables and fooled its customers into believing that the possible, with is to say the Impossible, was impossible.

OK, that’s getting a little confusing. Let’s back up a minute and take things one at a time.

1- Burger King is testing a version of its Whopper that uses a plant-based Impossible Burger rather than its usual beef burger.

2- Burger King asked customers to try this Impossible Whopper after first discussing with them how much they love the regular Whopper made with a beef burger.

3- Burger King didn’t tell customers the Whopper they were eating contained a vegan Impossible Burger, rather than a beef burger.

4- Customers were fooled into believing that the Whopper made with the vegan burger was a Whopper made with a beef burger, same as they were used to.

5- Customers expressed shock and disbelief, which they expressed in strong terms.

6- Burger King filmed it all and released it on YouTube in time for April Fools’ Day so that we could all point at these gullible customers and laugh.

“If it’s not beef, I don’t want it,” one Whopper lover says in the video. “First bite, I would know the difference between beef and whatever else you have.”

Voiceover: Little do they know, their Whopper patty was actually made from plants.

Cut to … another beef-loving Whopper fan, having discovered the burger he’d eaten was not beef: “You’re f’ing kidding me!”

And then back to the first guy: “What? Plant-based? What are you talking about?”

You get the idea …

Amusing, but seriously, a plant-based Whopper is likely exciting news for vegans and beef-eschewers of all stripes.

“We wanted to make sure we had something that lived up to the expectations of the Whopper,” Burger King’s North America president, Christopher Finazzo, told Reuters. “We’ve done sort of a blind taste test with our franchisees, with people in the office, with my partners on the executive team, and virtually nobody can tell the difference.”

Burger King is currently testing the Impossible Whopper, which costs $1 more than the regular Whopper, in its St. Louis locations.

It’s difficult – if not impossible -- to believe it won’t be headed to other markets soon.

Photo courtesy of Burger King

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