Hilary Duff Spilled the Beans — And Other Foodie Celeb News

She’s going to need a lot of napkins.

This week, Hilary Duff suffered a caffeine attack and the results were splashy. In other news, Bruno Mars ate a tropical snack, Katie Lee started a new diet and Zooey Deschanel provided major lunch inspiration. Keep reading to catch up on all the celebrity food news you may have missed. Happy Friday!

Laura Prepon’s going against the grain.

The actress showed off her gluten-free loaves in a super-cute boomerang. Laura, did you save the second loaf for us?

Eye on the prize.

Katie Lee dug into a platter of fried seafood, calling it her new cleanse. Fry-nally, a diet we’re actually excited to try!

There’s no use crying over spilled coffee.

Hilary Duff tried to drink a coffee, but spilled it all over her outfit instead! Hey now — that’s definitely not what dreams are made of.

Make a wish!

Halle Berry gave her dog, Romy, a special cake for his birthday. Happy bark day!

Eat the rain-bowl.

Zooey Deschanel shared a snap of her lunch bowl and we’re drooling over the colorful spread. Zooey, have you tried our roasted veggie buddha bowl yet?

Rise and shine!

Bruno Mars enjoyed the sunshine with a plate of fresh mango and a fruity drink. We guess 24 mango magic’s in the air!

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