We’re Shouting ‘Hooray’ for Molly Yeh — And Other Celebrity Food News

Baby Yeh is here (and absolutely adorable)!

This week, Molly Yeh became a mom! Also, Mindy Kaling wore a seasonal set of pajamas and Drew Barrymore found the cure to jetlag. Keep reading to catch up on all the foodie celeb news you may have missed this week. Happy Friday!

Pretty in produce.

It’s official: fruits and veggies are the trend for spring. Need proof? Just look at Mindy Kaling — she and her daughter, Katherine, looked avo-lutely cute in a set of matching produce PJs.

Let the good times casserole.

Bobby Bones snapped a pic to show off his homemade casserole. Bobby, we hope you made enough to share!

Molly Yeh is a mom!

The Girl Meets Farm star welcomed her first baby, Bernadette Rosemary, with her husband Nick this week. Congratulations!

Jeff Mauro, you are an outfit repeater!

The Kitchen co-star just can’t part with his favorite black hoodie. Jeff, is that an episode of the show or just a giant photo of you and GZ?

The proof is in the hashtags.

Drew Barrymore struck a funny face while sipping on a green smoothie. She may be feeling jetlagged, but according to her hashtags she’s happy as a clam!

Katy Perry’s dog has one ruff life.

The singer’s latte bore a re-bark-able resemblance to her pup, Nugget. We hope it was served with a side of (dog) treats!

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