Olive Garden Wants You to Go Big and Go Home

Its new, limited-time 'Giant Italian Classics' are a lesson in massiveness.

In this world of “bigger is better” and “go big or go home,” Olive Garden is making a play to stand out. A giant play. The Italian-food restaurant chain has introduced a selection of “New Giant Italian Classics” that are honestly seriously just massive.

The casual dining establishment is offering four humongo dishes to choose from, each more startling than the last: Giant Four-Cheese Stuffed Shells (“topped with marinara, alfredo and toasted breadcrumbs”), Giant Stuffed Shells with Shrimp (same shells, only this time “topped with shrimp, alfredo sauce and seasoned tomatoes”), a fork-dwarfing Giant Meatball with Spaghetti (please, nobody sneeze), and a Giant Chicken Parmigiana that looks big enough to take a nap on (soft, pillowy piles of melted cheeeese ….).

How big are these dishes? So big that one food writer quipped that the chicken parm was now being sold “by the foot” (it’s actually 11.5 inches) and another called it a “beast.” So big that we don’t even want to know about the calorie counts of these things. (But if you do, here you go.) So big that when Olive Garden’s social media folks introduced the dishes on April 1, they had to reassure the world that they were “not an April Fools joke.”

So … big.

Available from now until May 27 – while supplies last (and can you imagine the amount of supplies?) – and priced at $12.99 and up, the dishes also come with “all the soup or salad and freshly baked breadsticks you want.”

And if you want a lot of soup, salad or breadsticks or really anything after eating one of those giant cheesy dishes? Well, the bigness is on you, my friend.

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