Domino’s New Zealand Now Offering ‘Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza’

It’s topped with pineapple and canned spaghetti — and people are weirdly into it.

What’s more controversial than pineapple on pizza? How about pineapple and canned spaghetti on pizza?

Domino’s New Zealand just announced on Facebook that it was adding “Hawaiian SPAGHETTI pizza” to its menus for a limited time only, teaming up with the canned food company Wattie’s NZ to make the peculiar pizzas possible. (The pizzas can be ordered for pick up for $7.99 NZ.)

“This is no joke!” the company reassured would-be doubters, although the idea may have originated as one.

You’d think people would be horrified, but the response has actually been startlingly positive.

“I have made my own pizzas using spaghetti and pineapple it!” wrote one FB commenter.

“what's better than pineapple on pizza? Spaghetti AND pineapple,” wrote another.

“What a time to be alive,” marveled a third.

Maybe it’s a New Zealand thing? Because some people said it brought back childhood memories.

Still, a few people were understandably appalled. One commenter expressed himself as follows: “What the HELL is this??!!! Spaghetti & Pineapple... Why not Nutella and anchovies or cheesecake and mussels?”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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