LaCroix Introduces a New Flavor – and the Twitterati Are Displeased

They really wanted watermelon. Or maybe kiwi strawberry. Hibiscus not so much.

LaCroix has introduced a new flavor – the first in its core lineup since Key Lime made its debut in 2017. And? It’s “Hi-Biscus.”


Honestly, people would probably have been more excited about the new tropical floral flavor, which the seltzer-water maker announced last week would “soon be available starting in the Western United States,” if the company hadn’t teased its debut the way it did a few days ahead of time on Twitter.

“HI, something new is coming 5.13.19,” the company tweeted, alongside an image of a pink can, inviting its legions of dedicated fans to “share” their “best guess” for what said pink can might contain.

“Pepto Bismol,” one guy spitballed.

“Cotton candy or Pepto?” another partially echoed.

There were calls for kiwi strawberry, pink lemonade, dragon fruit, pomegranate.

But mostly people – so many people -- were dying for watermelon.

“if it's watermelon, I might need a new la croix tattoo,” one person tweeted.

But no. It was not watermelon. It was not watermelon at all. And so there was great disappointment amongst the LaCroix-drinking Twitterati.

“u … KNEW we all thought this was going to be watermelon,” wrote one.

“You know this isn’t what we want why did you do this to us,” another weighed in.

“I wanted watermelon … we all wanted watermelon,” noted a third.

Which isn’t to say there weren’t some LaCroix lovers who were into the “Hi-Biscus” concept.

“I love Hibiscus! I'm totally stoked!” wrote one eager dude.

“OMG I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO,” exclaimed an apparent fan of flowery flavors and capital letters.

Of course, there were those who simply rejected the flavor outright, for its essential floralness, not even in a compared-to-watermelon sort of way.

“Hibiscus? Why? Who wants water that tastes like flowers?” one woman wondered. “I'd literally rather drink the water out of the vase on my dining room table that has had sad flowers in it for 2 weeks than drink this.”

OK, well, look at the bright (pink) side. At least it wasn’t Pepto Bismol.

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