Spinach Ice Cream Is Now a Thing

A Brooklyn-based scoop shop has teamed up with Popeye’s people to launch a sailor-celebrating flavor.

We think of spinach as a super healthy food. Ice cream, an indulgence. So it’s hard to know what to think of the idea of spinach ice cream, which is now, yes, a thing.

The mind-bending mash-up has just been released as a collaboration between Brooklyn, NY-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and King Features Syndicate in honor New York City’s Fleet Week, when 2,600 sailors from the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard wander the streets of the Big Apple, and the spinach-loving cartoon character Popeye, which (who?) is celebrating its (his?) 90th birthday.

Dubbed Popeye’s Fleet Treat, the limited-edition vegan ice cream flavor uses Van Leeuwen’s vegan ice cream – which includes raw cashew milk, coconut cream, raw organic coconut oil, cocoa butter and organic cane sugar – as a base and then infuses “the spirit of Popeye into the mix,” according to a press release, with a blend of “organic spinach, extra virgin olive oil” – no, not Olive Oyl! – “turmeric and sea salt.”

“The result is a sweet and savory summertime treat that packs a flavorful punch!” the release boasts.

Available only until June 2, Popeye’s Fleet Treat will be available at only three Van Leeuwen locations (South Street Seaport, SoHo and Hudson Yards). A single scoop is $5.75, a double is $7.75, and a triple is $9.75. And it’s all part of a year-long Popeye 90th Birthday Celebration, which includes merchandising and entertainment efforts as well.

What’s next on the Popeye ice cream front, yam flavored? “I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam … “ and all. Or maybe a flavor inspired by Swee’Pea?

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