KFC Is Bringing You a Cheetos Sandwich

It’s a dream come true for fried chicken and Cheetos mega-fans; others are cautiously optimistic.

KFC’s latest attempt to show it has its finger-lickin’ digit on the pulse of the fast-food-and-snack-food-loving masses: Its decision to bring the world the KFC Cheetos Sandwich.

Yes, KFC is launching a mash-up of fried chicken and Cheetos that it is modestly touting as “the sandwich of your dreams.” Because the Colonel’s minions can see into your very soul.

The sandwich uses KFC’s breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet as a base and incorporates a “special Cheetos sauce.” Then the whole thing is plunked on a toasted bun and enhanced with mayo and “a layer of crunchy Cheetos,” and voila – the fulfillment of a dream you may never have known you had.

KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich will be available nationwide for a limited time only – four weeks starting July 1. But the chicken-plus-Cheetos curious can enjoy it ahead of time at a pop-up “free sneak preview” party and tasting event in New York City on Thursday, June 27, between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Other “exclusive menu items” on offer at the event: Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings (hot wings, Cheetos sauce, Cheetos dust) Cheetos Loaded Fries (fries, Cheetos sauce, cheese, chopped bacon, Cheetos dust) and KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl (KFC popcorn chicken, Cheetos sauce, Cheetos dust and cheese).

“The event-only menu will not be available at any other KFC, so get it while you can!” the chain notes in an online invitation. While you can walk in, if you RSVP in advance you can skip the line and get “VIP access,” whatever that is.Here’s the link.

The response to announcements about the KFC Cheetos sandwich posted on Twitter last week by mascots Colonel Sandersand Chester Cheetah has been strangely skeptical.

“I'm sickened yet curious,” wrote one commenter.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

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