KFC Is Now Selling Fried Chicken Skin (Hold the Meat)

But you’ll have to travel to Asia to try it.

For those who like their chicken skin without the meat that usually comes with it, KFC has just the thing: KFC Chicken Skin.

The only hitch is that to order it you’ll have to travel to Indonesia, where the crispy fried delicacy is now available at six Jakarta KFC locations. Sigh.

Still, if you don’t count the airfare, you’d be getting a deal. KFC Chicken Skin orders start at 13,636 Indonesian Rupiah – the equivalent of 96 cents U.S.

According to several reports, KFC also sells chicken skin (or “cracklings”) in locations in Thailand as well as in the Philippines.

People on social media seem excited about the concept.

“OMG OMG OMG !!! Good news for us! Now @kfcindonesia has been selling the CHICKEN SKIN !!!” exclaimed one skin lover on Instagram in a post translated here via Google Translate.

Others expressed joy that it will keep their families from fighting over who gets to eat the chicken skin.

However, the reviews from those who have tasted it have not all been positive.

“Moment of truth, will the chicken skin taste as good as the skin on the fried chicken?” wrote one KFC fan on Instagram(according to Google Translate). “Apparently not friends … I think it [tastes] salty. It's crunchy, it's just really salty … The texture is different from the skin that sticks to the fried chicken, …. I prefer to buy the chicken, then eat the skin directly from there. Aahhh turns out that dreams aren't always beautiful.”

Bummer. But since KFC currently has no plans to bring the fried chicken skin concept to the U.S. – although a representative told Business Insider that KFC Chicken Skin “could show up elsewhere in the future” -- at least you don’t have to be too wrecked up about missing out.

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