What’s the Most-Popular Ice Cream Flavor in Your State?

Residents of 14 states all like Cookies and Cream best. Is yours one?

Ice cream scoops

Ice cream scoops

Summertime is all about digging into a big bowl of ice cream, or setting tongue to a tasty-treat-topped cone. Of course, we all have our favorite flavors -- and it turns out those favorites differ, on a broader scale, by state.

Using Google search volume and data from ice cream shops around the country, a software company, WorkWise, came up with a list of the most popular ice cream flavors in every state.

And? Well, there were some trends. Cookies and Cream was the most popular ice cream in 14 states: Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas and West Virginia. Vanilla was the most popular in five states: Kansas, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire and North Dakota. And notching primo popularity in four states apiece were Chocolate (Alaska, Idaho, Wisconsin and Wyoming), Strawberry (Arkansas, Hawaii, South Carolina and Tennessee) and Peppermint (Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina).

While Coconut Milk ice cream was the most-searched-for variety in Oregon, Utah and Washington (maybe it’s a lactose intolerance thing?) and Mango was the pick in Arizona and Illinois, many states stood alone in their preferences. Alabama is all about Butter Pecan. Don’t get between Californians and their Tutti Frutti. Colorado has the Rocky Mountains and a taste for Rocky Road. DC is super international with its yen for Stracciatella. Florida likes things sweet; it’s super into Dulce de Leche. Massachusetts prefers Cherry; Nevada, Cotton Candy; New Jersey, Mint Chocolate Chip; New York, Chocolate Chip; Ohio, Pumpkin; and Vermont, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Then there are the head scratchers: Really, Connecticut? Beer ice cream? And Michigan, what even is “Superman” ice cream? Ditto “Teaberry,” Pennsylvania, and “Tiger Tail,” Virginia?

Hmmm … maybe it’s time for a summer road trip to get the scoop …

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