Rosé Strawberries and Raspberries Now Exist

We’ll give you a moment to drink that fact in.


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You know what they say: A rosé is a rosé is a rosé is a rosé. Or something like that. But what about when a rosé is not a wine but a berry?

The berry company Driscoll’s is getting in on the whole rosé trend with a new collection of limited edition berries that includes what it has trademarked as Rosé Berries – both strawberries and raspberries that have bread to have a pale peachy-red hue and aromatic flavor redolent of summer’s favorite all-day sip.

Developed via traditional (non-GMO) breeding methods by a team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists and produced by Driscoll’s network of independent growers, the flavorful proprietary blush-colored berries took years to bring to market. But the efforts sound well worth it.

The Rosé Strawberries boast a “smooth, silky, creamy texture that delivers a sweet, peachy flavor paired with a soft floral finish,” according to a news release.

The Rosé Raspberries, meanwhile, are a hybrid of golden and red raspberries and also feature a sweet flavor profile. They make their debut alongside another new limited-edition Driscoll’s berry: the deep-red, richly flavorful Sweetest Batch variety of strawberries and raspberries.

"Driscoll's brand promise is to consistently delight consumers with the freshest, most delicious berries, and the release of Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch does just that," Fran Dillard, senior director of brand and product marketing at Driscoll's, said in a release. "It's taken a long time to perfect these offerings – not only for the trend-forward color and desirable texture but for the superior taste."

The new limited-edition berries are available only through September on the East Coast via FreshDirect and Northern California, at Whole Foods Market.

So you can rosé all day all year ‘round, but you can rosé-berry for a few months only. Some things are just so fleeting.

Photo courtesy of Driscoll’s

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