Cheers to Snack Time with Wine and Cheez-Its

Now you can get them both in one big, handy box.

Wine and cheese are the perfect pair. No arguing with that. But wine and Cheez-Its? I mean, yeah. Why get all fancy?

House Wine, which, since 2004, has prided itself on “providing maximum value and quality in an iconic minimalist package,” be it bottle, can or box, has teamed up with Kellogg’s to bring the world a considered and convenient take on what was apparently already a trend: pairing wine and Cheez-Its. (Yeah, for real.)

The winemaker is packaging its Original Red Blend – 50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 50 percent Merlot and 13 percent ABV – with Original Cheez-Its – 100 percent delicious -- in one large box.

“Red currant aromas promise the juicy red fruit delivered to the middle palate and a lengthy, velvety finish,” boast the tasting notes for the wine, which hails from vineyards in Valle Central, Chile.

The Original Cheez-Its, meanwhile, vow to bring you the “iconic Cheez-It flavor you know and love” in a baked snack cracker made with real cheese.

The double box – with wine on one side and Cheez-Its on the other – is all about convenience. “No corkscrew? No knife? No fridge? No expensive hunk of wood referred to by fancy people as a ‘charcuterie board’? No problem,” the House Wine website insists. “This pack has everything you really need for your wine and cheese spread.”

It’s also about value: For $25, you get 3L of wine – the equivalent of four bottles or 20 glasses, so you’ll be all set for a big picnic with lots of friends. Plus, Cheez-Its.

But it’s a limited-edition, while-supplies-last thing. The boxes go on sale Thursday, July 25, at 5 p.m. ET, so if you want one, you may want to set your alarm.

And if you miss it, you can always make your own wine and cheesy-snack-cracker pairing. House Wine and Cheez-Its have shared some suggestions here.

White Cheddar Cheez-Its and Rosé? That definitely sounds like an all-day indulgence.

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