David Spade Once Picked Up Adam Sandler’s $9,000 Dinner Check

He was feeling generous and also ‘buzzed.’



LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 29: David Spade hosts the first taping of Comedy Central's "Lights Out With David Spade," New Late-Night Series Premieres Monday, July 29 At 11:30 P.M. ET/PT July 29, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

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That moment when you’re in a magnanimous mood and volunteer to treat a friend to dinner only to feel your stomach (and plans to eat for the rest of the month … or year) plummet when you get the bill? David Spade has a story about that happening to him … in spades.

During an appearance last week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new Comedy Central show, Lights Out With David Spade, the comedian/actor shared a saga about the time he ran into fellow Saturday Night Live alum Adam Sandler at a “fancy restaurant.”

Seeing as Sandler had often treated Spade to dinner in the past – “He’s just a nice guy and his wallet’s about 10 feet tall,” Spade explained – Spade decided, on a whim, to return the favor.

“He’s got this whole back room with 15 people and they’re having some big birthday party or something,” Spade recalled. “So I go in there and I do a few thirsty bits to get attention. Gross.”

Then, on his way out, in a fit of generosity, Spade told the waiter to put Sandler’s bill on his credit card.

“So the guy goes, ‘Sir, his whole thing?!’ And I go, ‘Eh, yeah, I’m on TV sometimes. What are you worried about?’” Spade said.

Cut to: Spade getting a load of a shocking $9,000 bill!

The next day Spade said he got a call from Identity Guard to alert him that someone had stolen his credit card and charged a $9,000 dinner on it.

When Spade confessed that the charge had been his, explaining that he had been “buzzed,” he said, the card-theft people responded, “It couldn’t have been. You’re not that generous.” Ha!

“They knew. They could tell,” he said, imagining the card-security people telling him, “We’ve gone over your tips, and we’ve realized you’re a bit of a scrimper.”

On his own birthday, which it happened to be the night he appeared on Fallon’s show, Spade quipped that he generally likes to invite wealthy friends to dinner, in hopes they will pick up the check.

“I called Chris Rock. He goes, ‘I’m in Toronto,’” Spade told Fallon. “I go, ‘You could call in a credit card. I mean, you could surprise me.’”

And then, maybe, like Sandler did to him, he could surprise Rock with a whopping tab!

After all, isn’t that what (rich celebrity) friends are for?

Watch the video of Spade’s appearance here.

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