Heinz Makes Macaroni Cheese in a Can

We have mixed feelings about this.

Somebody at Heinz knows a thing or two about coming up with ideas that hit a nerve and get people talking. I mean, Heinz Mayochup and its fellow Heinz-branded condiment mashups -- Kranch, Mayocue and Mayomust? Genius as well as social and conventional media gold.

Now Heinz has again awakened zeitgeist watchers with a product that is suddenly getting a lot of attention: canned macaroni and cheese.

Heinz Macaroni Cheese in a can – note the lack of a connective “and” or even an “’n’” because, well, who needs it? – may have already been a thing in places like Canada and the U.K., but it seems to be just gaining notice here in the U.S.

You can get it on Amazon, from a British supplier, for about $10 after you factor in shipping. The product description reads as follows: “A simple touch or two can make Heinz Macaroni Cheese even tastier. Heinz Macaroni Cheese. Made with a creamy cheese sauce.”

One recent commenter gushed, “It's the best Mac and cheese in a can!” Another, however, called it “trash.”

You know what they say: You can please some of the macaroni-and-cheese-in-a-can fans some of the time, but you can’t please all the macaroni-and-cheese-in-a-can fans all of the time. Or something like that.

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