If You Check Into the Halo Top Ski Lodge …

You will probably never want to leave.

Sleeping atop a mountain of ice cream sounds like the stuff of summer fantasy. And so it is. But now travelers to New Zealand can approach that out-of-reach goal by checking into the “Halo Top Ski Lodge,” a room at the QT Queenstown boutique hotel where they can sleep in a Halo Top-ice-cream-themed setting, surrounded by tubs of Halo Top Ice cream on a creamy-white-sheeted bed, while gazing out at the gorgeous peaks of the Southern Alps and the clear blue waters of Lake Wakatipu.

Hey, it’s close enough.

The Instagram-optimized room décor features Halo Top-branded details, including plush towels and robes; a standalonebathtub styled to resemble a giant bowl of ice cream; ice-cream-evocative design details (is that an ice-cream-cone bath bomb?); a neon sign over the bed that cutely declares “I’m Cold. Let’s Spoon”; and Halo Top-branded ski apparel. (Note: It’s winter in Queenstown.)

The room also features a freezer packed with Halo Top ice cream – all you can eat -- and access to Halo Top cocktails (you’ll find a kit and instructions to make a Caramel Drama Queen, featuring Halo Top's Dairy-Free Sea Salt Caramel flavor) and desserts (including an “Over the Top” room-service array of milkshakes, sundaes and “Ice Cream Nachos”). On their way out, guests are given a Halo Top tote bag, which they can pack with tubs of Halo Top ice cream to take home (or eat on their way there).

"Our Kiwi fans welcomed Halo Top to New Zealand with open arms so we wanted to do something special for them," said Halo Top Creamery President and COO Doug Bouton told Travel Daily News.

The Halo Top Ski Lodge suite, which is, unsurprisingly, all booked up for its July 22 through August 4 run, also comes with a complimentary breakfast for two in the hotel’s main dining room. Presumably there will be more to eat there than Halo Top ice cream – though if not, well, ice cream for breakfast would be OK, too.

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