Kim Kardashian Shares Giant Edible Gummy Lips

The 10-pound candies were "flavored to match" her new line of fragrances.

While Kim Kardashian might not be most famous for her lips, her sister Kylie Jenner has made a fortune off that particular body part. Now, the reality TV siblings have turned big shiny lips into a calling card for their new perfume collection, Kylie Jenner by KKW Fragrance.

The perfume, which made its debut last week, comes in lip-shaped bottles in either red, pink or nude, each color representing a different scent in the three-fragrance collection.

"Three different scents that smell so delicious!" Kardashian gushed on her Instagram page, alongside an image of herself perched on a giant, shiny set of lips. "Red Lips is an opulent white floral, Pink Lips is a solar floral coconut & Nude Lips is a vanilla amber musk. Each scent is so juicy I don’t have any other words."

To introduce the collection, the reality TV star sent out boxes to celebs, influencers and members of the press featuring one of the fragrances along with an oversized, color-coordinated, pop-art-lips-shaped edible gummy candy.

"Big, huge wax lips was my inspo for this," Kardashian shared on her Instagram Stories.

The massive candies were made by the Los Angeles pastry chef Chris Ford of Butter Love and Hard Work, who noted on Instagram that his work on what he called the "now infamous gummy lips" marked his fourth Kardashian collaboration.

"This may be my favorite one yet," he wrote. "Each lip weighed 10 pounds; flavored to match the fragrances."

A 10-pound perfume-flavored candy may not sound super appealing ("vanilla amber musk"?), but the boxes’ celebrity recipients apparently enjoyed it.

"Smells gummy," model and beauty brand founder Rosie Huntington-Whiteley remarked on her Instagram Stories, Us Magazine reports, adding that the edible lips were "almost as big as mine!" Cute.

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