Millennials and Gen Z Find Common Ground on TikTok Thanks to Frozen Fruit Roll Ups

The trendy new snack is literally bringing generations together.

August 24, 2021

Leave it to TikTok to launch a food trend that millennials and Gen Z are equally excited about. The latest craze that’s dominating the social media platform is frozen Fruit Roll Ups. As you may have guessed, this hack (or “recipe” of sorts) involves unfurling a Fruit Roll Up and then placing it in the freezer for a few hours so it has time to harden.

The result, which you can see all over TikTok, is a crunchy Fruit Roll Up sheet that breaks just like a chip. According to many TikTokers, the magic of this dish (if you can call it that) lies in the fact that the Fruit Roll Up is audibly crunchy when you remove it from the freezer and take that first bite, but it starts to melt and get gooey as soon as it hits your mouth.

“Oh my god, these are so good,” gushed TikTok user @JanelleRohner as she bit into a frozen Fruit Roll Up for the first time. “These are honestly better frozen, try it.”

Another TikToker, @gracemarywilliams, stacked several Fruit Roll Ups on top of one another and shared her thoughts on what makes the frozen snack work so well. “When you bite into it, it cracks and is, like, hard,” she explained after calling the creation “so good.”

“But then it melts in your mouth and gets gooey again,” she added. “[It’s a] ten out of ten, but really messy.”

Speaking of messes, TikTok user @trinhdoesthings went above and beyond by stacking an impressive 40 Fruit Roll Ups on top of one another to give this trend a try. She also got creative by wrapping other foods within the frozen Fruit Roll Up, such as a slice of mango. To add a little more flavor to her creation, she drizzled it with some lime juice and topped it with Tajín and chamoy.

The verdict for this bold snack? “Ten,” Trinh declared.

If you’re eager to try this trend, but don’t want to wait for your Fruit Roll Ups to freeze, TikToker @missbedhead has an easy solution — just dip the end of a Fruit Roll Up in a glass of ice water and swirl it around a bit, like she did when she was a kid. The cold water should allow the end of the Fruit Roll Up to freeze just a tad.

“I used to dip [a Fruit Roll Up] in ice cold water,” she explained, demonstrating her childhood hack on camera. “It seems really weird, but it tastes almost like a Popsicle.” As an added bonus, the leftover ice water also sports a refreshing, fruity taste.

The frozen Fruit Roll Ups trend, which kids of the ’90s are bound to love thanks to some good ole fashioned nostalgia, comes several weeks after TikTokers went wild with frozen honey, which might not be that good for you after all. If anyone wants to go ahead and freeze some Gushers next, we’re ready for it!

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