Tea Bombs Are TikTok’s Latest Food Trend: Here’s How to Make Them

If you like hot cocoa bombs, you'll love these.

January 23, 2021

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TikTok, the social platform that’s given us whipped coffee and doughnut cereal, is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021. Case in point: The latest food craze that’s been gaining traction on TikTok in recent weeks is something known as a tea bomb, which is pretty similar to those hot chocolate bombs that were all the rage late last year.

Like the hot chocolate bombs before them, tea bombs are spherical treats packed with goodies that you can only get to once they melt. However, while hot chocolate bombs are chocolate shells filled with marshmallows and other sweet morsels, tea bombs are typically sugar spheres loaded with colorful, flavorful tea leaves.

Once the tea bombs slowly and ethereally melt as they come in contact with hot water, the leaves are released and you can watch a cup of tea brew before your eyes. And since TikTok trends are anything but subtle, many tea bombs have stunning, sparkly exteriors that only make the final result all the more visually dazzling.

Check out some vibrant tea bombs in action below:


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While tea bombs aren’t as easy to master as say, that picture-perfect quesadilla hack, there are plenty of TikToks that explain how to make the fun drinks, and as it turns out there isn’t just one way to get the job done.

TikTok user @mysuperhero_helmethair shared a tutorial on her account. She begins by making a small sugar disc for the foot of the bomb and then pours liquid sugar (which you can make by melting granulated sugar) into a multi-purpose silicone mold shaped like an egg, in order to create the bomb itself. Once the sugar cools and solidifies, she cuts a small hole in one end of the sphere so she can funnel in some loose leaf tea. Lastly, she secures the tea bomb by putting some liquid sugar on the end and then places the bomb in a cup of hot water. Voila!

TikTok user @miss_lyssi0215, who made the Harry Potter-inspired tea bomb above, explained in the comments that she crafted her creation by using a mold to make the bomb out of sugar, corn syrup and honey. She then simply put a Lipton tea bag inside and let the hot water do the work.

If making your own tea bomb seems like a bit too much of a hassle, Instagram user @anaberriezzzz makes some pretty awesome tea bombs of her own and is currently accepting orders via her Instagram account. What are you waiting for!

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