How to Make TikTok’s “Lazy” Taquito Enchiladas Just Right

Food Network recipe developer Amanda Neal shares a tip for ensuring the ideal sauce-to-taquito ratio.

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April 08, 2022


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Some TikTok recipes are fit for the adventurous; others for the lazy. Into the latter category is where you’d have to place taquito enchiladas — a.k.a. #lazyenchiladas — a quick and simple recipe for enchiladas that takes less than a half hour to prepare and uses just three convenient, easy-to-keep-on-hand ingredients: frozen taquitos, packaged enchilada sauce and pre-shredded cheddar cheese blend.

Yes, it sounds like a perfect — and crowd-pleasing — thing to throw together for dinner when you’re short on time. No wonder these enchiladas, which have collectively racked up 19.8M views on the social video platform, have sparked a trend.

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“LAZY ENCHILADAS!! These were amazing!!,” gushes TikToker Cooking Coisas, alongside a video of her preparing the dish.

A how-to video from another Lazy Enchilada-loving TikToker, Salty Cocina, who prefers canned enchilada sauce, has been viewed 6.6 million times. The popular Arizona-based home chef, who specializes in Mexican cuisine, goes all out with the toppings — including fresh chopped lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and cilantro — and caps off her video with a taste test from her husband. “Mmmm. This doesn’t taste lazy at all,” he says appreciatively. “It’s good!”

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Intrigued, we asked Food Network recipe developer Amanda Neal to weigh in on the TikTok-trending recipe, which Neal calls “clever.”

Enchiladas typically include corn tortillas, cheese and a wide range of fillings, all of which taquitos already consist of, so this hack sounds both smart and tasty,” she says. “Plus, there's so much flavor in store-bought taquitos and store-bought enchilada sauce, so combining the two for a quick and easy dinner is appealing.”

Neal suspects that the recipe has caught on due, in large part, to its time efficiency.

“Enchiladas take a substantial amount of time to assemble and make, and this reduces the overall time greatly,” she says. What’s more, she says, the recipe is adaptable: you can it your own by using different kinds of frozen taquitos and experimenting with various toppings.

Possible variations include switching up the type of frozen taquito you use — options include beef, chicken or (good for all you vegetarians) bean — or toggling between store-bought enchilada sauces (you could go red, you could go green …). But Neal suggests sticking with Mexican cheese or possibly swapping in some good-for-melting queso de Oaxaca.

So does Neal have any tips for optimizing our TikTok-inspired Lazy Enchiladas? “For optimal results, I would lay the taquitos in a single layer, similar to traditional enchiladas,” she counsels. “This will make sure the ratio of sauce to taquitos is perfect.”

Neal also advises that those attempting the Taquito Enchiladas follow the consensus on TikTok and start by cooking the taquitos by themselves, before adding the other ingredients. “This will ensure that the taquitos are heated through and the tortillas are nicely toasted,” she says.

Bottom line: Neal gives the recipe a big thumbs up. “If you want a quick and easy dinner for your friends and family, this is a really fun semi-homemade version of enchiladas,” she says. “While the texture may not be exactly like traditional enchiladas that use all fresh ingredients, it's a clever rendition and perfect for new cooks or people who are short on time.”

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