Kevin Bacon Shares His Breakfast Routine in the Most Wholesome Video

“Do you love mango? This is how I like to eat it.”

August 31, 2020

While Kevin Bacon may be known for his leading man roles opposite Hollywood’s biggest starlets, his most recent co-star is – as he calls it – his morning mango.

“I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine," he begins the video. "I'm sorry if you already know this trick.”

Bacon recently shared a short video to his TikTok and Instagram – in hushed tones, of course, to avoid waking his sleeping wife, Kyra Sedgwick – sharing his technique for his morning mango breakfast.

Bacon’s method for his mango is relatively simple. He starts by showing the best way to cut the fruit, by scoring halves in a grid-like design and then popping each piece inside out. The technique makes neat, rather than stringy, little cubes that are easy to push out.

Bacon then tops it with fresh lime juice, a generous sprinkle of chili powder and a touch of sea salt. These are toppings one may consider for an avocado toast or even a margarita at brunch, but it takes the unassuming mango to the next level.

When Bacon tastes his creation, he takes a series of giant bites, showing he’s really enjoying it, but finishes with a simple yet adorable, “That's pretty good.”

Seems like more than pretty good to us!

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