A TikToker Tasted Indian Food for the First Time – And the Viral Video Is the Most Wholesome Thing You’ll Watch All Day

“India has done me well.”

September 29, 2021

Indian food test… is it a HIT or a MISS?!😁🤣 #indian #indianfood #lingandlamb #food #fypシ #couple

♬ original sound - LingandLamb

By now we’ve all seen at least one video of a baby trying a lemon for the first time, but have you ever watched a grown man taste his first bite of Indian food? If you’re familiar with social media stars Ling and Lamb, the answer to that question is probably yes.

The married pair have amassed quite the following on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. According to their social media profiles, Ling is an “American Wifey” while Lamb is a “Nigerian Hubby.”

Last month, that devoted husband decided to try Indian food for the first time in his life while Ling filmed the interaction at Bonani Take Out Indian Kitchen, a beloved Indian restaurant in Connecticut. First, Lamb (whose full name is Lamboginny) sets his expectations with a waiter who brought him a takeout container filled with lamb vindaloo.

“If it’s not sweet, I’m not going to pay,” Lamb jokingly declares.

The waiter notes that the dish is actually not sweet, but “a little spicy” instead.

As fans of Indian cuisine may know, lamb vindaloo is a spicy red curry dish made with chunks of lamb and ingredients such as vinegar and hot red chilli peppers, which were introduced to India by Portuguese traders during the 16th century. This similar dish uses beef instead of lamb, and is made with slightly milder spices including cinnamon bark and cumin seeds.

Even though Lamb was expecting something slightly sweet, he was blown away by the flavorful vindaloo and immediately asked for more rice, because his initial portion wasn’t big enough. “I’m going to pay double,” Lamb said shortly after he finished every last bite of his first Indian meal. “India has done me well.”

The initial TikTok has received more than nine million views, and has also gone viral on Instagram. Many commenters noted Lamb’s endearing appreciation for a new cuisine. “You guys are the best,” one user wrote. “Lamb vindaloo is my favorite! It’s similar to Nigerian stew.”


This time he had goat vindaloo + butter chicken 😁🤣 ##lingandlamb ##indianfood ##india ##food ##couple ##fypシ

♬ original sound - LingandLamb

Now that Lamb has become better acquainted with Indian food (he actually went back for more shortly after trying the lamb vindaloo), he’s got some preferred dishes. “I have tried a few different Indian dishes since my first time trying it,” he tells Food Network. “My favorite so far, well, it’s really hard to say, because I am loving so many Indian dishes, but I think I have to choose two — lamb vindaloo and butter chicken!”

Despite Lamb’s newfound love of Indian food, he’s actually not all that eager to try new things. In fact, Ling says she was the one who convinced Lamb to give Indian cuisine a try. “When I first brought the idea of trying Indian food to Lamb, he was hesitant; as he is with EVERY dish I get him to try. Our followers’ favorite line is, ‘Lamb, it might be time to trust your wife now!’ ... as he usually winds up agreeing and giving his ‘Cap of Approval.’”

Does Lamb’s love of Indian food mean the pair is now whipping up some vindaloo of their own? Not just yet, says Ling. “We like to explore in the kitchen, but we have not given Indian food a try in the kitchen as of yet. That might make for a fun YouTube or TikTok … stay tuned 😉.”

As for what cuisine is next for the couple to try, they’ve got some ideas. “There are soooo many cuisines that we haven’t tried yet and can’t wait to continue on this amazing food journey that we’ve found ourselves on!” Ling says. “I think next on the list may be Dominican or Ethiopian food. So many requests come in to us each day, so we’re keeping our list!”

In the meantime, Lamb is also focused on some musical endeavors. His new studio album, aptly titled Food Is Ready, was released on September 10. It even includes a track dedicated to his blossoming love of Indian food called “India Has Done Me Well.”

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